Legendary Flexibility by Jujimufu


Legendary Flexibility

This is the book I wish I had when I started stretching at 14 years old.

The legends will say there are no secrets, just hard work. But that's not true. The legends put their secrets to hard work, and that's what made them legends.

Through my 15+ years of training flexibility, I've figured out a whole book worth of things nobody could teach me, that you won't find anywhere else. These are my secrets, and I don't want to keep them for myself. Put them to life with hard work and you'll get the flexibility gains you've been missing out on.

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Legendary Flexibility
Legendary Flexibility


This book will put you on the absolute fastest track for full splits, high kicks, ass to grass squats, and even weighted chair splits!

This book is 225+ pages!

This 225+ page book is exploding with flexibility training secrets.

A few flexibility training secrets featured in this book

  1. What it really means to Brute Force flexibility development, and why it’s more important than ever today in an era of confusing mobility exercises to use this tactic. Ammonia inhalant ampule anyone?
  2. The 4 rules for selecting ANY flexibility exercise. Every stretch you ever do should be judged against these 4 rules. If you haven't been following these rules, you've been wasting your time.
  3. Have you ever used the isometric method for training the splits? This book will upgrade your isometric stretching to something new and much more effective...
  4. Are static stretches before training bad? NO! NOT AT ALL! I'll tell you why.
  5. What performance enhancing drugs and dietary practices you can use for flexibility development.
  6. What are Jujimufu’s favorite flexibility routines? How did he get the weighted chair split? Want a 12 week plan? Get ready it's all in this book!

Sample Pages

  • Page 32. Is voodoo floss and ball massage the best for flexibility?
  • Page 36. What's really holding your flexibility back?
  • Page 113. What is phenibut and can you use it for flexibility?
  • Page 133. Is static stretching before training bad?


Video series

The book has lots of embedded like these.

About the author

Social media madman

Ever seen the viral video of the guy screaming while doing the chair splits holding a heavy barbell overhead? Yes that's me.

That clip has been featured on several network shows including Tosh.0, Virtually Famous, Almost Genius, Ridiculousness, and more. It's been featured on a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Slider TV commercial as well as a Google Photos Ad Campaign that aired during the 2016 Rio Olympics across the world. That clip went everywhere. Behind that clip was over 15 years of hardcore flexibility training and studying.

For over 2 years now I've spent 1000s of hours crafting the text in this book. I'm not exaggerating. Call it perfectionism, but I wanted this to be my masterpiece writing.

And it is. I'm more proud of finishing this book than anything else I've ever done. I know it will change the world of flexibility training. If you've ever read any of my writings on my old website trickstutorials.com or my new website jujimufu.com, you know me as a special kind of writer. No bullshit, realtalk, and full of life. Now know this: this is much better than anything I've previously written. This is hands down, no contest, the single, most important and best thing I've ever written and my gift to the training world. The perfectionist in me is absolutely, 100% satisfied with this book's message and delivery. So it goes without saying, there is no better book out there for real results flexibility training than this one.

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